Making Money With An E-Commerce Website

Everyone has ideas, however it’s focusing those ideas correctly that will make or break your online business.Most Common E-Commerce Websites;
Store / Dropship
Review Site / Affiliate
Store / Dropship WebsitesUnfortunately Web Stores are by far the most popular type of website Newbies choose, they are also the hardest type of website to support & be successful with. Unless you are offering something totally unique, or your web store is an extension of an existing brick & mortar store, please think again when considering an online store as your e-commerce website.Reasons to reconsider;1/ Website Costs – As a store you need either e-commerce shopping cart software or an e-commerce provider plus a https:// Domain to accept credit card payments. 2/ Product Sourcing – Obtaining products at low wholesale pricing may require “Company Incorporation”. Even then your volume will be so low when starting, it is unlikely you will have a very large profit margin, especially if you are competing in competitive markets.3/ Time – If you are considering an E-Commerce website as a second source of income, then the time you are prepared to commit to the website is a major deciding factor as to the type of site you should build. Stores require daily accounting, telephone support, email support & shipping & receiving. If you don’t have the time consider a  different type of site.Review Site / AffiliateIf you have just been put off building a web store then this is the type of e-commerce website for you.Affiliate sites have all the advantages of a web store without the hassle.Affiliate marketing is very simple, Vendors offer a percentage of their sale price to the person that sent them the customer. Without going into the technical aspects vendors provide you with a unique link which you place on your site, if your visitor follows your link & buys a product  you get a commission.You are not limited to promoting only one vendor so Review sites are a great idea. Join the affiliate programs of several vendors offering similar products. Create a site that compares these products with your affiliate links tagged as “More Info” or “Buy Now” If your visitor buys any of the products after visiting your site you make money.There is no support, & no requirement for secure domains or payment providers. You will be paid by check or directly into a PayPal account.NOTE: The one disadvantage of affiliate marketing is that you don’t generate a customer list. List building is very important so offer your visitors an incentive to leave their personal information.AdSenseBy far the easiest type of  e-commerce website to build.Articles, RSS feeds, even automated content providers make AdSense sites simple to build & maintain with original & updating free content.Once you have decided on a general topic & a relevant domain name, simply build pages using freely available Articles, RSS feeds or write your own. Insert your AdSense code (Google Adverts) in and around the articles & promote the site. Google will pay you for anyone that visits your site & clicks on an ad.There are many different  ways of making money with an e-commerce website, however these are the most popular.

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